Moth investigates the skills and contributions communication designers can make to death studies and end of life experiences.
Moth has focused on both design practice within pedagogy as well as applied innovation of products and events. It aims to challenge attitudes, conventions and context surrounding death and dying.

Moth has helped us discuss, communicate and yield substance and connectedness. The limitary nature of the design brief, inspires us to look at problems and distinguish new opportunities and relationships, beyond the form and function and aesthetic of objects, brands and experiences.

It can give us courage to see death as being something we can learn from rather than simply fear, and recognition of this can simultaneously, liberate and ground us. Make us grateful for the life we live - reminding us to live it well.

Graphic design is a discipline that constantly evolves in order to accommodate changes in culture, society and technology, it is well placed to embrace difficult questions about mortality, aid understanding and provide relevant visual signifiers in the context of death.